GlassNGlass Safety Warning and Information

At GlassNGlass, we merge our passion for sustainability with creativity, crafting beautiful plant vases from recycled wine bottles. As we strive for eco-friendly elegance, we must acknowledge that our products are made from real glass.

Handle With Care

To ensure your safety and the longevity of your GlassNGlass product, always handle it with the utmost care:

  • If your vase becomes damaged, never handle a broken or chipped GlassNGlass product without protective gloves. Dispose of the pieces safely to prevent injuries.
  • Children should only handle GlassNGlass products under adult supervision. Glass is not a toy and, if mishandled, poses a significant risk to children.
  • Keeping GlassNGlass products out of high-traffic areas prevents them from being knocked over or damaged, thus avoiding accidents and prolonging the life of your vase.

LED Lights in Your GlassNGlass Vase

We enhance your gardening experience by integrating energy-efficient LED lights at the base of each of our products. These lights provide a subtle, charming glow that accentuates the beauty of your plants and brightens your space.

While these LED lights are long-lasting, they eventually require battery replacement. When needed, use CR1220 3V Lithium Batteries, available in most stores or online.

To replace the battery, handle your vase carefully and open the LED compartment at the bottom, replace the old battery with a new one, and close the compartment.

With a fresh battery, your vase will continue to light up your space, highlighting your plant's beauty and the intricate design of the glass.

At GlassNGlass, we believe in the small details that render your gardening experience unique and eco-friendly.

We're dealing with glass, as beautiful as it is delicate. Let's respect its nature and handle it safely. Thank you for joining our journey towards sustainability and choosing GlassNGlass.