At GlassNGlass, we blend sustainability with creativity to craft beautiful plant vases from recycled wine and other glass bottles. Born out of a love for gardening and a deep respect for the planet, our company took root in Clairemont, California, and has grown to inspire greener living across the country.

We offer a range of innovative gardening solutions, from small, charming herb garden vases made from wine bottles to larger, immersive mini garden vases crafted from a variety of alcohol bottles. Every piece we create embodies our passion for recycling and gardening, presenting it in a form that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Recycling glass is far more than a trend for us—it's an integral part of our mission to create a sustainable future. Using recycled glass reduces the demand for new glass production, which in turn decreases CO2 emissions and conserves natural resources. Each GlassNGlass vase represents not just a step, but a leap towards a greener planet.

Our purpose extends beyond simply repurposing glass bottles. We aim to spark a passion for gardening and sustainability in every home. We believe in transforming waste into wonder, and discarded items into cherished belongings. It's not just about giving a second life to the glass; it's about reviving our connection with nature, fostering a healthier planet, and nurturing the seeds for a sustainable future.

At GlassNGlass, we invite you to join us in our mission to recycle and cultivate a greener world. Together, we can make a significant difference—one recycled bottle and one plant at a time.