GlassNGlass Plant Vase Assembly Instructions

Thank you for choosing GlassNGlass! You are now part of our mission to create beautiful, sustainable plant vases from recycled wine bottles. The following instructions will guide you on how to assemble your own GlassNGlass plant vase.

Materials Included:

  1. Cut Wine Bottle
  2. Grommet
  3. Water Wick
  4. Glass Pieces
  5. GlassNGlass Super Soil

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Prepare the Wine Bottle: Carefully take the cut wine bottle out of the packaging. Make sure to handle it gently to avoid any possible injury.

  2. Install the Grommet: Insert the provided grommet into the neck of the wine bottle. This will secure the water wick and prevent it from falling into the vase.

  3. Insert the Water Wick: Thread the water wick through the grommet so that it hangs into the bottle. The wick will transport water from the bottom section of the vase to the top, where the plant will be.

  4. Add the Glass Pieces: Pour the provided glass pieces into the bottom part of the bottle, up to the neck. This acts as a reservoir for the water and also provides a beautiful aesthetic touch.

  5. Fill with GlassNGlass Super Soil: Take the top part of the bottle and fill it with the provided GlassNGlass Super Soil. This specially formulated soil is perfect for your plants and fits conveniently into the top section of the wine bottle.

  6. Assemble and Plant: Place the top part of the bottle (filled with soil) back onto the lower part of the bottle containing the water and glass pieces. Make sure the water wick is immersed in the water. Now, you can plant your favorite plant in the soil.

Remember to regularly refill the water in the bottom section, and your plant will wick up the water as needed.

Safety Note: Always handle glass with care. Should any part of your GlassNGlass vase break or chip, ensure to use protective gloves for cleanup and disposal.